Private Cremation

This service serves the need of those who wish to keep the ashes in memory of their beloved companion. We know how precious your animal is to you. It is therefore our duty to offer you a more personalized service with quality and confidence.

Communal Cremation

Servicing the needs of those who do not wish to keep the ashes of their animal, but want a dignified and respectful end. We offer the service of communal cremation throghout the province of Ontario, so that you can dispose of your pet remains, in dignity.

Cremation for Horses

For the cremation of a horse, we offers two distinct services: private horse cremation or communal cremation for horses. We are the only crematorium for animals, to possess a large cremation oven adapted for the incineration of large animals such as a horse.


To all at Ontario Equine Cremations. I just want to thank you all for the compassion you showed towards my late horse Dexter and myself. Dexter was my very first horse and we were together for over 18 years. There was no question that he would be cremated and layed to rest peacefully, out in pasture. I took comfort in the fact that you were there to him home to his final resting place. God bless you all! You are angels in my eyes.

( Mel and Dexter )

Just a short note for the wonderful care and compassion you and your son showed on our dear horse, Blade. We were at peace knowing he was in good hands. She was a magnificient horse and a true friend. She is home now and were are greatful.

( Claudia and Rose )

We are eternally grateful to your company. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. Thank you for taking care of our horse.

( Darryn and Karen )

To everyone at Ontario Equine Cremations. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for providing this service. The care and concern you expressed for our family at this difficult time is greatly appreciated. Knowing that we were able to access your service for our beautiful Bailey helped us make the very difficult decision to let her go. Your Patience and support during all our phone conversations gives me a sense of peace, knowing you would understand our grief. Thank you for being the kind voice on the phone. We can't thank you enough.

( Karen, Elizabeth, John and Bryan )

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